Contractor Safety System

About Contractor Safety System

By everyone owning safety we can create a business that achieves long term results.

Keeping everyone safe everyday is a key focus at Lion. No matter where our people are based, everyone who works with us should know our basic expectations when it comes to safety. Because it’s our people that makes us great.

Our Safety Essentials define what’s non-negotiable when it comes to safety. They are aligned to our high risk areas and focus on areas where our people have been injured.  They help our people make safe decisions, and help to keep everyone safe everyday.

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To underscore and strengthen our safety and wellbeing commitments, contractors working for Lion must register and maintain their compliance in an online Contractor Safety Management System.

The system is managed on our behalf by Avetta.


Contractors will register both their business and workers in the Lion Contractor Safety System.

The process is logical and simple and is all completed in an online portal. We divide the process into two stages to make it as seamless as possible: 1. business registration, and 2. worker registration. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create a profile

  2. Register your business

  3. Upload business insurances and documents for verification

  4. Register your workers

  5. Upload worker competencies and licences for verification

  6. Workers complete required training

Everything you enter and upload is verified by safety specialists. The Contractor Safety System guides you to reach and maintain compliance to work for Lion.

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Lion NZ Sites

  • Wither Hills
  • Emerson’s
  • Fermentist
  • Harrington’s
  • Havana
  • Lion Liquor Retail
  • Little Creatures
  • Panhead
  • Speight’s
  • The Pride

Lion Australia Sites

  • Tooheys
  • Castlemaine Brewery and Hospitality Venue
  • Little Creatures Geelong and Hospitality Venue
  • Little Creatures Fremantle and Hospitality Venue
  • Boags
  • Malt Shovel

Lion US Sites

  • Markham Vineyards

Lion aims to keep everyone safe every day, and the purpose of this process is to ensure all people working on a Lion site meet minimum safety expectations. Therefore, it is expected that every contractor working on a Lion site, venue, or location will complete this process.

Labour hire provided by Programmed are not required to register.


  • Become part of Lion’s list of contractors for the future
  • Build a stronger partnership with Lion
  • Enjoy high-quality work opportunities as you can prove you are fit to work
  • Use the simple, intuitive online interface to manage your profile any time
  • Lion safety expectations consistently set
  • Have all inductions and training completed prior to coming to work


Avetta manage the Contractor Safety System on behalf of Lion.

Learn more about Avetta.